So, why am I awake at 12:45 am?

Maybe I drank Lady Grey to late in the day
Or maybe the movie premiere has caused me to stay
Awake until now and cleaning up things
Browsing collectible my inheritance did bring

OK, that is enough with the rhyming. This is enough! The movie premiere was really great. I was very impressed with Bethany's editing and sound on The Road to Freedom.

Yesterday was a lovely day:

Up early to spend two hours of solid time in the Word
Morning walk with Michelle
Prayer processing after walk
Iszler's clan over for movies downstairs with the kids and talking and prayer with Kim
Took kids to Haberman party for four hours of birthday and water fight fun!
Returned microscope to Barb
Went to Jamocha Jo's
Prayed, processed in the promises of the Word, and listened to poetry as I drifted off to sleep
News as George fixed me hummus and flatbread (Have I mentioned I have the best husband in the world?)
Cleaned out closet! A goal achieved!
Looked up collectibles I acquired because no one wanted my mom's stuff, and I am sentimental. Now, I have NO IDEA what some of these things are. What is HALL China? What is Strombergshyttan Thick Walled Scandinavian Glass Vase?

Who knows. I think I am finally getting tired.

I loved yesterday. I really and truly loved yesterday. :)

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