The Precious

111 - A Grandmother's Love, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
I was walking home today from a meeting with Claudia (above), and I heard It is Well with My Soul on my iPod, and I looked up and saw the cross against a blue sky, and I just started crying like a baby. It is well with my soul, and I am home.
I have utmost respect for Claudia and Vicki. I think we are in sinc as to what my role will be with the Women's Ministry: helping facilitate one-on-one mentoring and discipleship. I told her that God had given me these verses in my time of prayer:
And we proclaim Him
Admonishing every [wo]man and
Teaching every [wo]man
with all wisdom
that we may
Present every [wo]man
Complete (mature, whole) in Christ.
Col. 1:28,29.

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