41. Anatomy of the Soul

This is a reread because it is part of my Module II for Spiritual Direction training. I thought it was more fascinating the second time around when I took notes. 

I love how he has spiritual disciplines to go along with what he is explaining is going on in your brain. I especially liked how he talked about how brains can be changed when we tell our story to an empathetic listener. I have long believed in the power of story. This just added to my conviction about this. 

Anatomy of the Soul (xiv) – “an important part of how people change—not just their experiences, but also their brains—is through the process of telling their stories to an empathic listener. When a person tells her story and is truly heard and understood, both she and the listener undergo actual changes in their brain circuitry. They feel a greater sense of emotional and relational connection, decreased anxiety, and greater awareness of and compassion for others’ suffering . . . Dr. Siegel labeled the change ‘increased integration.’” 


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