Freewrite Fifteen

12:38 pm

I have been processing and processing some more. I processed with many friends, and I also processed with two graduates of the program. I think I got to the bottom of my pain. 

I also talked with the person I most connected with at the residency. So, I loved her reflections and affirmations. So, it will send me over the edge in the direction of staying. 

Lorraine was the only one who thinks I shouldn't. She thinks I have so much already happening here and does not think I need it.

George thinks I need to just listen and obey. It is that simple. I am still trying to hear what He is saying to me. I am so happy to do whatever God tells me to do; one way or the other.

SO here I am on a Sabbath Saturday. I am SO HAPPY to just be having to do NOTHING. Yesterday ended up being a lot of things to do. I processed with someone for two hours on the phone about spiritual warfare. It was good. I talked to a possible Spiritual Director, and I think that she is a YES. I felt like we really connected. She is great, and I can do it by Skype and not have to worry about commuting in the winter and paying an exorbitant amount of money or meeting with someone who has commercialized her direction (one of them has a very slick website, and I want to meet her, but I sense it would not be a good fit for Spiritual Direction). 

I will miss Sister Joan though. She is so sweet, and she really helped me over a little hump a year and a half ago. I am so grateful for her help. I think I will still meet with her on occasion for things, but I think a monthly commute up to Mount Angel would be too much, especially in the middle of the winter. So I will not do that. 

I think there is potential for getting training with Fran's particular ministry too, especially if they do a training up in Portland rather than me having to go to Seattle. 

Ok, on to other things to freewrite about. How about this toe of mine? ACK! I cannot believe that these last days of sunshine in the fall are preempted by a broken toe! I love to walk and talk, but I am still talking to You God, but I miss my walks. I so miss my walks. I tried to walk last night, and it was very painful afterward. So, I need to take this all very slow. 

I can go for a bike ride later on today though. I wonder if George will want to go with me. I really need to get some exercise. I have been eating too much and exercising too little.

Classes are going well. I have a sweet group of students. No "extra grace required" ones who are constantly trying to take advantage of you and beat the system. That has been a relief. 

I love Pilates. Just saying. I want to develop a class that incorporates praise music and scripture into the routine. That will be great. 

I like all the talks I have had today. I think I need to go and preempt my fifteen minutes though because I need to have a shower. 

So, it will be only 11 minutes today. bye. 


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