Prayer Review of Tuesday-Thursday

What made me feel most alive and in tune with God's plan:

  • Teaching Pilates to eager 20-somethings
  • Working in a positive university environment with lovely coworkers
  • Renovaré Institute readings 
  • The LORD's Prayer meditation
  • Updating my syllabi and making them be up to the PAC Template (submitting to my authority was hard at first but yielded peaceful fruit in the end)
  • Praying around the Campus with John and George
  • Praying with Katherine through neighborhoods and have Kent run into us and say, "Oh, are you prayer walking?"
  • Walking in the rain through my "Entering Gates" of the East Campus of OSU singing my song and loving the fall in Corvallis
  • Poldark - Bella Poldark is the last novel out of 12. LOVE THIS SERIES! Why did you have to die Winston Graham?
  • Alexa Worship Music - I really like this feature! I never thought I would enjoy this new device like I have.
  • Discussing life with young moms in my living room 
  • Knowing speaking to groups is a "sweet spot" for my gifts, talents, personality, and abilities.
  • Feeling is pleasure as I moved my body in Pilates - passing on the passion of Pilates to young people
  • Freedom from hip pain after my classes
  • Finding subs for my October 11 classes
  • Sweet text from my friend who just moved
  • Eating healthy one of those days
  • Ice cream and chocolate on Thursday because is was sort of stressful.
  • Ease of renewing my NASM-CPT certification
  • Renovaré Justine and doing the Book Club - so looking forward to these LIFE GIVING books (and one of them last year made me start doing this exercise)

What made me feel most dead and not in tune with God's plan:
  • Saying, "No" to another person (story of my life) - yes this is a "rinse and repeat" from my Monday life-deadening statement. Only this is another person asking another "little thing" of me, and I want to SCREAM! It is so very stressful for me to stay, "No" to people. I am just at full capacity, and this is probably THE busiest week of my entire year. It is also a busy year because I have CPR - CPT - Power Pilates Certifications all due in the Fall. I guess the "little" request was also so "out there," and the person knows how busy I am. I have got to get better at saying no graciously. 
  • Having a person complain about how I did something when they are just not putting any effort into reading directions.
  • Expectation that I am going to make things happen when people have enthusiastic ideas - your idea - your execution.
  • Opposite experience filing my recertification for Power Pilates versus the above NASM-CPT. NASM took TWO MINUTES. Power Pilates took about four hours because they required PDF of all my certification that I got THROUGH THEM and they sent to me. SO, why don't they just have them on file like NASM does? Made NO SENSE, and now I know I have to keep a PDF copy of everything to upload. Next time will be easier, but I did get really frustrated and ordered that chocolate when Michael went to get more milk
  • The Confederate Flag controversy at our university and some unexpected aftermath when I voiced I was going to pray it comes down.
  • Michael not being able to be an Uber driver because his car is too old. 
  • People taking but not offering to give even halfway
  • Feeling alone when I am tired
  • Feeling like a failure - I am believing a false narrative, and I want to get to the bottom of that. Honestly have not felt this way in so long. 
  • Culture shock back to working with a new population of people
  • George might lose his job
  • George having major pressure at work
  • Extra time required to get things up and running at work (not necessarily out of God plan though)
  • Being stressed when I needed to rest
  • Seeing Michael struggle to find a job in his field
Ways to show my love for God and others today:

Love on my friends as we prepare food for tomorrow.

Gifts God has given not already covered in feeling alive:

A spouse I can talk to anytime
Low stress children
Seeing Paul thrive in graphic design


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