Monday Freewrite Fifteen

I am not sure why I have not done very many freewrites over the last few months. They are usually pretty cathartic for me, and I am always happy to write. 

So, I am going to try to do more. I have been pretty busy. I have written a lot, but it has been more privately and not on a blog. So, just changed focus for a while.

It was a full summer. I worked hard. I rewrote/organized the manual for our Kingdom Community to fit our needs. That was the biggest thing I did. I also took the Weight Loss Specialist course to recertify for my personal training. I also did the four Pilates classes that I needed to recertify for that too. I just finished up my last credit for both of those by doing a CPR/AED and First Aid class with OSU. So, I am totally caught up and just need to enter it all online before October 31 for one and December 18 for the other. 

I start teaching classes on Wednesday, and it will be so good to force myself to do Pilates four times a week! I didn't do so well doing it that many times on my own, and I only did it 1-2 times a week. I can totally feel it in my core! I was great on cardio (mostly walking and hiking) and stretched almost every single morning. Also, I got a good resistance training program down for the summer, but I didn't keep up with all my core work like usual, and it all caught up with me a couple of weeks ago. OUCH! My QL muscle wigged out on me again. Too much walking always makes my QL wig out if I am not also doing Pilates with it. Lesson learned. I must find a teaching gig for the summer where I can do subbing. That will at least keep me up on it. 

Oh well. I also go a lot of reading done for my Renovaré Institute course. I love it so far, and I will be going to my residency in a little less than three weeks. I am so happy. I also am almost done with the entire Poldark series. I have about 500 more pages to go.

We also started up our ministry again, and we have seven people that are just precious. I also do three trainings in the next 11 days. Lots on my plates right now, but it is so good for me to be doing all I do out of overflow. 

That is the key. OVERFLOW. I would not have the power without the overflow of His power flowing through me. I know that it is useless to do things on my own power or self-effort. 

I have one more meeting until my classes start. Hoping that I can manage all that I have on my plate. God is good all the time. 

I know this is very stream-of-consciousness kind of stuff. But I write for an audience of ONE. :) 

I have four more minutes. Oh yes, lay offs at George's work. Will is happen AGAIN like it did in 2008!? Stay tuned. It would mean he would be back here with me. :) I wouldn't mind that one bit. I suppose we will find out soon. No fear when the Lord is near. 

What else should I say. The Vietnam War by Ken Burns in one this week. I fell asleep but will watch it right now during my rest time. (Along with finishing my last Poldark novel.) 

Well, I think the timer is going to go off. So enjoy that I can write. 

Oh yes, I am "festooning" on the Lord's prayer:

My wonderful Father who is behind me and before me and inhabits my space, nearby and close to my heart.

Kept holy is your wonderful name. Treasured in my heart. Honored in my thoughts. On the tip of my tongue. 

Your Kingdom rule come and your will be done on this earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day all that we need, no more and no less. 

Forgive me of anything that I may do that does not honor and please you. Help me to forgive others too.

Protect us from temptations of this world, the flesh, and the devil. Get us out of any scrapes we may get in with him.  Keep us from any bad thing.

For my heart is under the rule of Your eternal Kingdom. You hold all the power. You get all the glory now and forever.



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