Liturgy Audit

I have this from my Renovare Book Club and from the book Liturgy of the Ordinary

What activities and practices are you regularly immersed in each week? How much time is spent doing different sorts of activities? (Name 3-4 things you do in a week and time spent doing them).   • If you have children, how do they spend their time?  (Name 3-4 things they do in a week and time spent doing them).

M/W Teach two Pilates classes at OSU
T Teach Kingdom Community Training
M-S Daily Time in Bible Reading and prayer
M-S Daily reading to enrich my mind

What do you do with the first 2 hours of your day? 

Time with God - reflection on Scripture and praying responsively

How does that shape the rest of your day?How does this routine shape you? 

It sets my feet to be intentional about living to glorify Him as I live and move and have my being.

What do you do with the last 2 hours of your day?

Watch the news or a program on TV. I watch Survivor and Amazing Race. Not really into any dramas. Sometimes I will watch a DVD movie or series that has a good plot and no smut.

I also read books before I turn off the light.

During Lent, I read more of my Bible and Jesus books, and that was very fun!

How does this routine shape you? 

I don't get depressed by the news. It helps me understand people better and helps me pray more. I am in a prayer group, and it helps when we pray for different parts of the world to be informed about it. One woman knows nothing, and I feel like I help her pray more effectively by my information.

Survivor and Amazing Race help me to observe people dynamics and effective (and ineffective) communication strategies. No joke. I am such a people person that this is my overflow of my time with God so I can continue to grow without constantly being with people.

Sometimes I have evening commitments with people, but it is not my best time of  day. I used to have them a lot more, but now I get to bed fairly early, and I have better health as a result.

How might you “surrender” to God at the end of a day? How do you resist “surrender” at the end of the day? 

I don't think I do resist that I can think of. I maintain surrender through the day.
Think through yesterday. How did you use each hour? (Try to write this down in detail). 

5-7 - Up and make chai tea. Time with God. Read in Acts. Contemplation and prayer. Listen and Obey time in the shower writing how He speaks to me on the wall.
7:00-7:30 Review Field and Prayer work for Kingdom Community - send out email reminding them. Finalizing that last five weeks.
7:30-7:50 Dress straighten room
7:50-8:30 Get house straightened up for Valentina and Pieter to come and clean. Dry hair.
8:30-9:00 Do OSU Pilates class attendance on line as Valentina talks to me and cleans.
9-9:15 Drive to library and park
9:15-9:30 Walk and pray as I approach OSU Campus. Pray for Avery where Sandy is going to lead her Mom and Baby Class on Thursday.
9:30-9:40 Visit with PAC Office staff and pick up mat
9:40-10 Set up Pilates room, get equipment for day
10-12 Teach two Pilates classes and interact with lots of students
12-12:15 Walk back to library and pray
12:15-1:10 Deliver books and flowers to shut ins for Corvallis Library Dial a Book. Deposit check.
1:10-1:20 Drive home and pick up a Salmon Hazelnut Salad from Burgerville (YUMMMMMY!)
1:20 Home and Michael was already gone to work! HOUSE CLEAN!!!
1:20-2:00 Relax and Eat
2-5:30 Book Review for Crucial Conversations (book we are finishing for Kingdom Community), prayer for friends, catch up on Lose It food and exercise recording, doing a Freewrite.
5:30-8:00 News of the World (I had not watched it in a while)
8-10 Survivor (was only expecting it to be one hour, but it was a delightful two)
10-10:30 Trying to watch more news but fell asleep some time during that.

What do you think are the most important rituals in your life?  In your day?

Chai tea and Christ together each morning. Prayer walks. Bible Book Club. Staying in the word daily.

In my life are both above and also my regular prayer retreats for days and overnighters.

Walking and talking and praying with George and also watching BBC dramas together.

Regular Freewrites.

What activity do you feel incomplete without? (However mundane…could be getting coffee or going on a walk). 

Chai and Christ the most important to me.

 How does this activity shape your daily routine?How does it shape you?  

I think I answered this one early on in the questionings.

Are there habits you go to when you feel sad, angry, or hurt? 

I think when I am all the above, it helps me to get outside in nature and move my body and think and pray.

How do those habits shape you?

Helps me see the bigger picture.

 How do they shape your view of God? 

When I see nature I see how I am in the whole scheme of things.

Think about the most potent practices in our culture. What cultural practices do you want to embrace? Which do you hope to avoid?

I would love to have an example from this. Maybe I will submit my question to you for your podcast! 

I want to avoid smut on TV and tons of negativity.

I want to embrace the fun-loving spirit of many Americans and the way they express themselves through art and literature.

 If you have children, grandchildren, godchildren, nieces, or nephews, what are the cultural forces that you don’t want children in your life to be shaped by? 

Same as above.

What are the liturgies that you do want to shape their habits or desires? (Notice how this helps you glimpse what you value and find alarming about your own cultural practices).

 Good questions. I am going to think about that. I would love for them to have regular time listening to God. Enjoying his presence. Pursuing their passions. Tuning their temples.

Are there rituals in your day that encourage your anxiety, impatience, or distraction? 

I don't think so. I live a pretty peaceful life. I gues the one thing I would say is that if I get too busy. I get anxious. I know whey I have pushed myself too hard, but I rarely do that anymore. It has been nice to live a life of balance.

How do you see hints of Christian worship in your day? 

Isn't every minute worship? The sun is coming out right now, and I see God in nature. I marvel at His wonderful works. I give thanks for everything that I enjoy INCLUDING the inconveniences that all seem to be "first world problems."

What rituals help you embrace God’s work in your day?  

Morning time with Him and walks.

What moments of the day or tasks do you find most draining and/or disheartening? (Name 1-2)  

Taxes (I only have to do those once and year and finally decided to let them go to an accountant this year when they got overly complicated.)

Ironing - I have learned to play worship music or put on a audiobook or even a nice Jane Austen movie. Substitute the drain with a pleasure.

What moments of the day or tasks do you find most exhilarating and/or encouraging? (Name 1-2)

Leading the Kingdom Discipleship Training Team
Studying the Bible with not yet believers
Time with God
Teaching Pilates and seeing people grow in strength
Riding my bike
Taking walks.

(I cannot stop at 1-2!)


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