Wednesday Morning Freewrite for the next thirteen minutes!

I have 13 minutes until noon, so I am going for a quick freewrite.

Do you know why?????? I got almost everything on my list done ALREADY! :) 

I have been making "to do" lists on my Cozi app the last three days. 

I learned something about myself from the first two days of "to do" lists! I need to do the physical labor in the morning (after my time with God). I had saved the things like "go through the bathroom drawers and cupboards" for last. I thought I could treat myself to doing that during the commercials when I watched the news. Well guess what? By the time the news comes on (I am only watching PBS at 4pm or 7 pm and one network news show on nights I am here [a lot of times I am doing things at that time] - I am a news junkie!), I am on my "low-ebb" time of day. My back needs a good rest in bed, and I need to just be chill. That is why I have watched the news at that time all these years! 

So, I decided to do something different this morning. I had great time with God. Then I did my homework for my Kingdom Community (that meets on Tuesday mornings and has two hours of homework each week). THEN, I was a MACHINE. I did a 15 minutes laundry boogie (yes the basket had been sitting there for two days as Michael did more laundry and added to it, and I never got around to putting the clothes away). Then, I did a 15 minute paper toss boogie (or whatever The Flylady calls them). I paid for our trip to Mexico for Jenna's wedding too. Then, I did another 15 minute bathroom boogie! Then I did a swish and swipe and finished up my morning routine by eating breakfast and then I cleaned up the kitchen! (My kids had already unloaded the dishwasher this morning even though they left for work at 5:30!!! I have prayed Ephesians 6:7 for servants hearts for them for years, and God has answered my prayers!) I even took out the recycling and washed the recycling bags. Sometime during that, I listened to about fifteen minutes of The Maltese Falcon (WHAT A FUN NARRATION!)  Then, I loosened up my back by doing 1/3 of a Spri ball Pilates work out (thus preparing for the class I will teach at 5:30 pm)! Then, I sat down and wrote my review of The Last Battle

Now I am finishing up my freewrite! 

I will see Nancy and maybe prayer walk with her and then I will see Jennifer at 3:30 and bring her to Pilates with me! Then, I can watch the 7 pm news and mellow out, free of guilt over not working on the bathroom or kitchen or laundry BECAUSE I ALREADY DID! 

All in a half day's work! 

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