Monday Freewrite

I have got a full day ahead of me. But I want to take some time to freewrite. I have been working on this England photo book for two hours now. The deadline is midnight for 50% off, and I know that if I do not do it now, I will let the whole year go by without getting it done. I always think I will work on my pictures a little bit at a time throughout the year, but it is just all or nothing for me. I might get some done during Christmas, but I will not between now and then. The time to strike is TODAY.

I know that most people just let their pictures sit on their phone or on a disc or even just let it sit in their computer, but I really want to preserve our memories. Actually, I am all caught up to Christmas of 2015. I needed to buy an new Christmas album, and I did sometime in the last year, I believe it was after the first of the year? I am not sure. 

Maybe it is silly. People keep telling me that my kids will thank me later in life for preserving them. 

I also want to talk about being devoted to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving, praying for an opening of the Word, and laboring earnestly. 

I think many of us say that we pray. We might be really disciplined in having a personal time with the Lord every morning. I would say that I am one of those people. I will say that it is for my personal benefit that I pray. 

I also intercede and even pray for the world. I had so much fun praying through the book Pray for the World this last year.

I want to get better at strategic prayer. I want to labor earnestly for those who have not yet heard. I want to pray with insight over peoples and nations.

So, that is what I want to labor earnestly for this year. 

All that said, I love this morning. George and the kids were all off to work by 5:30 or 6 am. I have until between 3-5 pm (they got off early yesterday, but sometimes they work longer days). I have a peace about my priorities. I have a peace about doing this newest ministry endeavor. I have peace about the tumult of the second half of August. I have moved on in every good sense of the word. I have been setting better boundaries. I have been putting my big girl panties on and not been so "feeling" when it was important for me to overlook the offense of another. (OUCH on Saturday night when I thought the social engagement would be really safe for me since I was still a bit tender from the brutal beating of August 20, and I wanted to run and cry in the bathroom, but I put my "big girl panties" on, and it ended up being a very pleasant evening. I must not take personally other people's issues and move on. Kim and I are covenanting together to not let others' baggage rob us of our joy!)

I am growing everyday. :)

Now, my goals and priorities for today are:

1) FINISH England book
2) Select and upload pictures to print by midnight so to take advantage of 101 free prints and 50% off of everything else
3) Prayer hours in the morning and evening (it is raining, so may not be a walk)

I think that will be my only goals for today because I think the books 20 pages will take me a good chunk of the day! I am excited to have this big gorilla off of my back (even though it has been fun to relive the memories of our trip). I have been working on them since July 31, but the photo processing software was not cooperating, and I got waylaid. I am now on a mission! 

Timer going off and no proofreading! Forgive me for typos and spelling errors.  

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