29. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis

I was discussing this with my kids after I finished reading this, and I decided that this is my least favorite Narnia book of all the ones I have read (I read The Silver Chair before this one because this one was due at the library, and I did not get it back for weeks, and TSC came up for check out.). 

I felt like (and my kids agree) this book was just a bunch of stories. It didn't make me pause and go, "Oh how profound!" It is, by no means, bad (it is Narnia for goodness sake), but it didn't hit me like the other ones have. I do like the transformation of Cousin Eustace in this one though. That is my favorite part because we are all capable of transformation. 

My kids also have a "Cousin Eustace" in their life, and we would often have to forebear with him when he was growing up. His statements were even similar to Cousin Eustace's, and we realized that we all must extend grace to him even though he was so trying for us, especially my kids. (Actually, he bordered on abusive with my kids. So, we would often have to remove them from the situation and eventually decided that staying with him would not be possible until they were fully grown.)  

We continue to pray for transformation in our real life "Cousin Eustace" who is in a very bad way as an adult.  This book was a reminder to pray for him.

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