Thursday Thirteen Freewrite

I have already gotten distracted once on my way to writing this freewrite. I went to put my timer on for 13 minutes, and I saw a nice email that I read. Then I picked up the project that I was working on (checking to make sure the Jesus Stories in my journal are in chronological order) a while ago, and I totally forgot to set the timer. So I set it. What is thirteen minutes to write a bit as day gives way to dusk? Can there be dusk when it has been a dreary, dark, rainy, cold day? Anyway, I got the alarm for Mahgrib. So, it really is dusk.

I am in no pain or tightness, and maybe that is why I was laying here feeling such absolute calm. There is always a bit of guarding that goes on, and while I have experienced more and more days that have turned into even weeks of this no pain or tightness, I have had a horrendous time since November 19 when my Quadratus Lumborum (QL) wigged out on me while on a morning walk. I think it was a combination of sitting too long writing, working on our ministry schedule Excel spread sheet, and doing counseling combined with a very cold week where i did not go out and do my regular routine of warming up by walking and then stretching. (Not to mention that i often go walking with the person I am counseling, but it was either too cold or too wet to do that during that week.)

Anywho, four osteopathic appointments (Hannah, Dr. Myers, my brother in law on Thanksgiving, and Dr. Myers again today), one acupuncture session, and a massage couple with lots of rest later, I am finally free of any pain or tightness. I have been pretty good since Thanksgiving last week, but I am truly free today (maybe a slight neck hot spot on the left side, but I will take that over a tight QL any day). I am still hedging my bets and have been resting since my OMT appointment that ended at 12:30. I think I will watch Peter Pan tonight and continue to rest. (I do hope it is better than The Sound of Music last year!)

Paul is working on a paper that he will not tell me the length of. He seems to be fine with it and got an "A" on the last one.

I have been loving listening once again to Messiah. I thought I might finally be tired of it, but NOTHING focuses me more on the true meaning of this season than this BRILLIANT masterpiece of music (perhaps the best ever written). 

It is cool because I have been writing Scripture furiously in my Obedience-Based Study (personal Discovery Bible Study) journal because we are skipping from Abraham to the birth of Jesus next week because of the holiday, but there is Moses, Sinai, David, prophecy in Isaiah, and Jonah between Abraham and Jesus, BUT many of the things that I have been writing out are prophecies that are in Messiah and the Jesse Tree so, it is all integrated! I have loved writing them, and it has been pages and pages because I decided to write out all of Jonah! That was really fun. I am at the Birth of Jesus now and will start on that when I get to those verse in Luke in my Messiah Meditations and finish practicing the story of Abraham for our meeting on Sunday! 

Well, that was a very fast thirteen minutes. I am sending this with five seconds to spare! BYE! 
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