Saturday Morning Freewrite

I am trying to do more freewrites, but it does mean sitting longer, but I can always stand up. I think maybe I should ask for a "sit to stand" desk for Christmas and make my desk in the guest room downstairs. Or maybe I could do it in my office so I don't have to go to the cold downstairs room in the winter. It is also my guest room, and I suspect that I might have some guests in the winter and spring.

Went for a wonderful walk with Kellie to the Jackson-Frazier Wetland yesterday. It started to sprinkle as we crested over the hill on Maxine, but we kept walking (she is not intimidated by rain as she grew up in Seattle), and we were rewarded by blue sky and the sun streaming low across the fields. Beautiful afternoon.

I am trying to go to the wetland every season, and I don't think that I had been there since the late summer. I wish I had gone at the peak of fall to see how it looked with leaves turning, but I am not sure that it has trees like that. It seems like it would, but I saw no signs of leaves matted on the ground. So maybe not. 

It was beautiful and the longest walk I have taken since my back wig out on November 19th. We walked over four miles.

Then I stretched at home and prayed with Kellie. Then I went out to dinner with Kellie and Teala (they have become friends because of the listening prayer class they were both in together). It was very pleasant, and Corvallis looked so lovely with all of its Christmas lights downtown. The Winter Celebration was going on too. This is a celebration where they set up a white tent on one of the main downtown streets. It is expensive, but I think it raises money for charity, and there are nice treats from local restaurants and such. It is so quintessential Corvallis, and I want to go someday when our life slows down a bit (HAHAHAAHAHA).

I woke up in a night sweat at about three this morning. When that happens, it is often difficult for me to fall back asleep. I slept in on Thursday and Friday morning. So I knew that I would be having a very early morning to make my average six hours of sleep. That always happens. If I am sick and sleep more hours, it always evens out to six over the course of time. Just how my body clock works as a "Sleepless Elite" (and now I have the research program that I participated in last summer to prove it). 

Well, I am doing the Messiah Meditations, and Kim is doing it with me this year. She wrote me and said she was really enjoying it. I am listening to it once again, and I NEVER tire of that music. I did not listen to it all this year so that I would just listen to it at Christmas, but I bet I could listen to it year round and never tire of it! It has been great to go along with my "Game with Minutes" challenge for the Kingdom Community! 

I also liked that I was writing out Scriptures all week. I am having our people skip from Abraham to the Christmas story since their friends will probably ask them what it is about, but I did not want my journal writings to be all out of order (I want ONE journal to have all of the Discovering God stories in it. Last year, my stories were spread over TWO journals, and I wish I had planned better for that!) so I wrote all the stories from Abraham to Christ, and I cannot believe how wonderful that was for my soul! I wrote and wrote and wrote every opportunity I had! It was so great!

So, now I am at Christ. But it was so nice to write through David and see those Messianic Psalms and write from Isaiah, and of course, it all goes with my time in the Messiah which I am going to right now because my time is almost out! 
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