43. Dealing with the CrazyMakers in Your Life by Dr. David Hawkins

I seriously thought I made up this term when talking to my girlfriend years ago (2004) about the people she worked with at the time. They were just making her go crazy, and she was acting in ways she does not usually act. So, I said you would not be crazy if you did not have CrazyMakers in your life. I have used this term with many people over the years including a woman I am working with right now. So I was surprised to find that it has been a term around for a while. :) 

I liked this book. It was really helpful for me to deal with a person who is a Crazy Maker that is distantly in my life. I was finishing up this book when that person called, and I was able to not let that person "set the hook" and set appropriate boundaries. This author uses the analogy of fishing to communicate what the different kind of Crazy Makers (Aggressors, Egoists, Borderline Personality Disorder, Sufferers, and Control Freaks) do to "lure" you in and "set the hook". He teaches effective ways to "flinging back the hook." It was helpful to have a refresher course on what I learned 25 years ago when I went to see a counselor and she recommended reading Codependent, No More.  I am so much healthier, but since I am a recovering codependent/rescuer type, it was great to have the refresher course!

I am so grateful that all of my relationships are no longer toxic! YAY! I feel such compassion for people who are not in healthy relationships, especially with their spouses. This book would help anyone move toward health. 
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