Wednesday Well

Summer breeze
Makes me feel fine
Blue sky beyond leaves of Green
I look up as a cloud floats
Listening to slow Southern fiction
On the campus lawn
On my back
 — at Kidder Hall.

I wrote this yesterday and thought I would repost it here since I cannot search my pages on Facebook.

God is good all the time. I felt good then.

My friend and I walked over Glen Eden this morning and talked about the summer. Her two weeks of traditional camping and my epic trip to the East Coast. It was fun to catch up. 

I still feel a bit slow and lethargic because of my sickness, but I am going to purge my body today by fasting and drinking lots of water. There is a bug still inside of me me, and I think I need that purge. I felt fine until after I came back from the bike ride. Then, I crashed. Not 100%, but I cannot keep sitting! 

I think I am meeting with Rebekah this morning, but I have not heard back from her yet. I ended up getting sick last Friday. So, I am glad we postponed it.

I wish I had gotten myself some water when I came down here to hide in the guest room this morning while Valentina and Pieter clean. I forgot. Need to drink water and tea. 

I could easily go back to bed and feel fine!

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