Sunday Sickness

I have been denying for several days. I really thought I was better yesterday, but as I walked on flat ground, I could barely move forward. I wanted to turn around and go right back home, but I trudged on. That is when I know I am still sick: when there is no kick to my step on even the simplest of walks (flat was a strain).

I easily deny it when there are people for dinner. I so enjoyed last night with Micah and Christen, newly married and obviously insanely happy -- they are an excellent match, and I have no doubt they will continue to be insanely happy.  So, joy was followed by a crash of my body. 

It is time to stop denying reality and just lay in bed all day and drink plenty of liquids and watch Downton Abbey YouTube videos. :) I was pretty intense on Saturday with my genealogy research and didn't let up from 6:30 am until the family came back from Newberg in the evening. It was not physically taxing, but it was mentally so. I couldn't stop though. The compelling stories of my ancestors like Theresa Lorenzini who came from Italy as a child for new opportunities for her father in Cross Fork,PA. Eventually she married my grandmother's cousin, William. They suffered the loss of their ten room home to fire only to lose their tavern to fire two months later. On top of that, they eventually lost their farm to the Kinzua Dam project!  I also concentrated on the Quaker roots of George's Brown side of the family who were part of the radical Hicksite branch of the Quakers. They founded a "utopian" society of Friends in Ohio. 

These ancestors are crying from their graves with these truly American stories yet to be told. The light green and white pages of call to me but  not today. I need to rest. I am sometimes to intense. I can easily go 15 hours doing research without even noticing. It kept my mind off how yucky I felt, but George's sickness ran four days, and I am now beginning the fourth. If I rest today, tomorrow will be the day for more research.
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