The Well Update Freewrite Fifteen

I thought it would be good to update from the homefront being that it has been over a week. There will be typos in this everyone. Don't be alarmed. Freewrites are meant to allow you to write freely without a concern about grammar, spelling, or typos. Those things can impede the writing process. I did this with my sons so that they would not see writing as a negative thing. They wrote freely. Eventually, they learned to proofread and correct, but freewrites were meant to just teach them how to get their thoughts down on paper, which is really what writing is all about!

They do really well now in college having used this method. :)

Well-Watered Soul

I continue to LOVE my "World Walking"!  I think I am putting in about 30-40 miles a week. That means many different unreached people groups are being prayed for. George and I have done it several times together after dinner, and I really like having a husband who loves to pray with me! Kathleen has done it with me too. If anyone local wants to do it. LET'S!

I had this block with Isaiah, but then I asked for prayer, and it flowed right on the blog. So, the one of the MAJOR prophets is down! I got past the halfway point of Jeremiah yesterday by staying home from morning activities yesterday. I was tired from the Civil War Reenactments in Salem on Saturday and just needed some time alone with the Lord. I love Jeremiah. I love how he was hurt that people didn't want to receive his message. So real, and that is how I feel sometimes. SO, I can relate to him.

After Jeremiah, I have Lamentations, Ezekiel, and Daniel of the major prophets, and Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi of the minor prophets. I also have three more history books sprinkled in: Ezra, Esther, and Nehemiah. Oh, I also have 37 more Psalms. Then, I am done with the whole Old Testament. It is really a spiritual journey and not just a task though. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this God-inspired BHAG given to me on Christmas Day 2007!

Personal prayer has been so good too. God is really leading me into deeper places.

Oh, I think I have decided, on second thought and reflection, that the Spiritual Direction class in Mount Angel would not be a good thing at this time. George job is being cut back to 32 hours a week (with a subsequent cut in pay), and we have many major expenses: art school for Michael and dental work for both me and Michael. So, maybe another time! I am very peaceful about that! Plus, I think I already do Spiritual Direction as I read the books from the class. I just wanted to fellowship with others who are doing it. That is the main reason I wanted to take the class.

Well-Educated Mind

I loved The Aeneid by Virgil, and I am so shocked that I did! I dreaded that on my "100 Great Books" list!  But the audiobook of the Fagles translation, narrated by Simon Callow was the BOMB. I started listening to it on my way to Ginny and Lorraine's on Wednesday, and I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN (or, in this case, stop listening). It was great. YAY!

I am also listening to The Federalist read by this man on the internet. You can download all 80 MP3. The founders of our country were BRILLIANT men, and we owe our freedom to them. They presented the need for our Constitution with such foresight! I am loving that too. I take it in little doses of 10-15 minutes each.

(DRAT there goes the 15 minute alarm! I will continue this fine discussion tomorrow for the other "Well" concerns! BYE!) 

Remember NO PROOFREADING. Sorry if it drives you crazy! LOL!

Well-Adjusted Heart 
Well-Tuned Strength
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