Sunday Afternoon Freewrite

It is 3:15 pm on a warm and overcast summer Sunday. George is outside of Philomath at a memorial service for Scott Overton (

Scott was George's major professor for his Ph.D. in Statistics, and he loved George best of all of his graduate students, and everyone knows it. (Who wouldn't love my husband?) George knows the whole family, and he has written such a lovely thing to share at the service.

I wanted to go, but I am not feeling well, and I needed some downtime after a very big week. But George says my idea of being sick is working just a little less hard than I usually do which is true. One of the Bible Book Club members wrote me wondering why the posts were disappearing. WOOPS! I meant to only work through the end of our vacation in August, but I ended up working through to the beginning of November! I rewrote old posts and rescheduled them for future dates forgetting that many people read on their own schedule for the BBC! 

Thankfully, she was in Daniel and not reading chronologically according to the old schedule. If she had, it would have meant 48 chapters of Ezekiel would be missing for her! (Remember I said that last Sunday I got through all of Ezekiel accidentally by working all day?). As it is, she only has the minor prophets. Since I do them chronologically, most have already posted, and I only had to send her five short books! YAY! 

Actually, I will need to eventually cut and paste everything when I publish the eBooks. So, this just gave me a head start.

What I am so encouraged by is hearing from three people in the last couple of weeks whose lives are being transformed by the Holy Spirit speaking truth and transformation into their lives through His word!!! WOOHOO! I LIVE FOR THIS!!!! Anything that I can do to help in that vein is time well spent, even if I am sick!!!! 

I tried to write a bit of Ezra this morning. While cutting and pasting and organizing posts in the Gospel Harmony Book Club have been great, I cannot seem to concentrate on the new posts. So, I am OK with that.

Well, I have four more minutes, and I am already tired. This is enough for my sick brain right now.

No proofreading. Please excuse my mistakes if you are reading this. 
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