Freewrite Fifteen

I haven't been writing much here lately. So, I thought I would do a quick fifteen. 

Well-Watered Soul

I have dropped off on my "World Walk" prayer in the last week. About a week ago, I did a very hard elliptical interval training, and I think I overdid it. I must just go back to my easy walking again! It is so much better for my body. It doesn't help to do a hard work out and then be incapacitated for the rest of the week!  

All that said, I have spent more time in the Word than World Walking which isn't such a bad thing, but I like BALANCE!  

I don't know how it happened but I got all the way through Ezekiel this last weekend. Yesterday (Sunday), I was particularly focused, and it was so enjoyable! I like Ezekiel. I was most intimidated by it when I first started the BBC, but I am no longer intimidated. 

The meditation on the glory of God filling the temple at the end is thrilling! Come Lord Jesus!

I am going to go for a little world walk right after this freewrite. It will do me much good and good to do before it gets too hot.

Well-Educated Mind 

I am almost done with One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. I don't care for some of the content and language, but Ken Kesey was a brilliant writer and an Oregon native. So, I felt it was important to read one of his books. 

We have also been watching film adaptations of Anthony Trollope novels. So interesting that i had never heard of him before a couple of weeks ago. We are currently watching The Pallisers.  I do enjoy it. It was slow, at first, but it has picked up and so fun to see a young Susan Hampshire in the role of Glencora. 

Well-Tuned Strength

I was doing so well until my overdoing it on the elliptical. My back has been tight but not out for a week now. I have been walking lightly. Well, I guess not, I did go hiking on Friday and met my calorie burn goal. I guess I just didn't meet it on Saturday, even though we walked for two hours downtown, but it was very slow walking, but that isn't all bad. Sunday was a rest day. SO, I am probably not as bad off as I think I am, but I just don't feel very motivated this morning to do anything. 

I also think I overdid it on the eating. Nok served us a Thai FEAST at Tarntip on Friday night. Amazing but I know that I have not been good with my eating from Friday-Sunday.

I am back to my FOUR DAY WIN for Monday-Thursday! Then, I will reevaluate again. Back on the wagon after a very fun visit from friends. 

I have three more minutes . . . 

Well-Adjusted Heart

It is great, but I think I am going to have to say NO to meeting with people for a chunk of summer. I wish I had someone who could arrange my calendar. I spend much of my time trying to coordinate meeting with people. I wish people could just be set at a certain time instead of needing to reschedule and fudge all over the place. WHO AM I KIDDING? I cannot even hope for that to happen, but much of time this morning was trying to juggle J, S, and S when I already have M, K, and C scheduled this week. That is meeting with six people PLUS M wanting to "touch base" with me on the telephone "some time" this week! I don't have time to figure out your "some time."  Please just give me some times to call, and I will see if I can fit it in.

On top of that are a "tentative" once someone finds out their work schedule. We also have a going away party and getting my books ready for the Homeschool Curriculum book sale.

I am not complaining, but I think I just need a break from scheduling my life and just get through my photos! I think my mental health would be so much better if I could just have CLOSURE on that and get that monkey off of my back. :)

Well, the timer went off, and now I am going to FORCE myself to get out in the sunshine and walk and pray!!! 

Bye (No proofreading on freewrites so I apologize ahead of time for typos and misspellings. Freewrites are meant to not let those things hinder you. It is a great exercise and helps with your perfectionism [something I obviously don't have a problem with])
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