So Grateful

I am studying Ecclesiastes 11-12 this morning, and I am so grateful for my mentors who taught me to enjoy life by enjoying and remembering God!  This is Thanksgiving week, and there is such joy and freedom in remembering my "Creator in the days of my youth." It is a privilege to counsel with 20 somethings who are still finding their way. I want them to enjoy these days of their youth.

My heart broke talking to a girl last night who is struggling and lonely. I do not want to go back to my 20's, and I know Ellen Slifer was so right about that when I had my nervous breakdown at 23.  She said she would never want to relive her 20's. She was the only touch of kindness that I felt in those dark days at Loyd Chiropractic (with the maniacal boss who posed as a believer and follower of Jesus). She touched me and rubbed my shoulders. It was balm to me.

I looked her up on the internet and found she passed away in 2004. I tried to contact her husband to say thank you but the phone was disconnected. I thanked God for her today.

Here is her obituary:

She was my angel in 1983.

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