March Madness

I always forget to write here. Just reflections in no particular order.

I am getting in shape. I was in pretty good shape before, but this triathlon training has kicked it up another gear. YEAH! I have lost about four pounds and gained a bunch of muscle.

We had a lovely vacation as a family. It was simple at South Beach in Newport and Wi-Ne-Ma at Cloverdale. We talked a bunch, walked, and played games. We even did a puzzle. Well, we tried to do one.

Now, I just did 20 on the bike at the club and walked 30 minutes afterward. I haven't had an outside bike ride in such a long time, but it has been really raining!  Now, I am all stretched and showered, and I am going to do my Bible Book Club post and work on my talk for the Spring Retreat. April is going to be a very busy month for us.

The basketball championships are on. George has been watching them quite a bit because he is sick. VCU may beat Kansas any second here.

Oh, I also finished another TWEM book! WOOHOO! I have to document that in another post. All the President's Men was fascinating! I loved reading a history book about something that happened during my lifetime. I remember the results: Nixon resigning. I don't remember all the details. So, that was really good. Now, I am reading The Protestant Work Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. It is very well written and gives me quite a bit to think about.

I am also reading the Book Babes books that I missed over the last 10 years. The Last Lecture was great. I know that Rosemary didn't like it, as I recall. If you still read this Rosemary, remind me what it was that you didn't like about it. It was simple and a nice thing to listen to while running or biking (stationery - I don't listen to my iPod while riding on a bike, too dangerous). Now I am listening to The Blindside. What a fun book!

Well, there are 29.8 seconds to go, and it looks like VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) is going to upset #1 Kansas for the Southwest Regional Championship. All the #1's in all four regions (Duke, Ohio State, Pittburgh, and Kansas) have been beat. Or they WILL be beat in 24.2 seconds.  Now it is the commercial.

11.8 seconds, and they are going to the line. . . I like basketball when I decide to watch it, but I don't have time to watch it very often. :) It isn't the best use of my time. Try to be better about that.

Final: VCU 71: Kansas 61.  A wildcard team wins!
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