An Unexpected Hour

My kids are at golf lessons, Noha postponed our Abraham study because she just got back from camping late last night. I would normally be preparing, but I like to do the morning of because it is fresh in my mind. So, I am here with a VERY quiet house. I love the quiet of a perfect summer day. It is breezy and cool but sunny.

My back is a big wacky. I walked about 1 1/2 hours yesterday (to and from the club), did elliptical for 1/2 hour, and did my weight routine and ab workout. I am thinking my weights were too much, and I should have stretched more after I walked home from the club.

I am in Hebrews. Such a sacred book. I hesitate to approach it for the Bible Book Club because there is so much to dig into, and I have only done the first chapter in an inductive way prior to this. Most of the New Testament epistles and John have been easier because I have studied most of them pretty deeply in the past. Not to worry. It is a great book. I will grow. That is always good.

I met with Jane, and we did the first lesson "Making Disciples" in Discipleship Essentials: A Guide to Building Your Life in Christ by Greg Ogden. I love this book. I love how it starts with "Making Disciples" as the FIRST thing you teach a new follower of Jesus. So cool! Rebekah and I did the first section together back in the summer of 2006, but she wanted something more challenging. It is so perfect for a fairly young believer like Jane though. I love Jane's heart and hunger to grow. I look forward to meeting with her twice a week through the end of the summer.

Our summer will change drastically when seven of our young friends leave for Asia in August. The dynamics of our Jesus Community will definitely change, but I am OK with that.  I have loved being with this group of 20-somethings (and three thirty somethings), but they are all moving on and growing. It is exciting to watch. Wonder what God has for us as we will not be involved with the next group coming through in the fall other than little teaching bits.  I am available for prayer too. It will all be very good. Since it is Michael's last year of high school, I think I will like having more nights free during the school year too. God is good. His ways are perfect.

Hopefully, the study with our friends from Asia will continue too, even though I am not sure what will happen with Shelly and Dave as he applies for jobs. They may be moving in December, Elizabeth, Andrew, and Buck too.

Reading-wise, my Well-Educated Mind reading has been put on hold for the "large loose baggy monster" (Henry James quote) War and Peace. I have a free version on my Kindle, but I also have an audiobook download on my iTouch that I checked out from Library 2 Go. So fun!  The English narrator does great French and German accents, but he sticks to an English one for the Russians. That's OK. It came in handy to listen to this while I was going up to Seattle and back and while I was taking walks in Redmond and around here. I "read" another 10% of the book while walking to and from the club yesterday and plan on reading another 10% today. So, I might be done by this weekend.

Novels are so much more fun than the history that I have been reading in The Well-Educated Mind. I will get back to it though. I hope to finish The History of England: Volume 5 and Mein Kampf in August. 

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