So Many Goals. So Little Time

Last week was simple:

Get up
Time in Word
Eat Breakfast and tea
Visit with my host (either Sue or Patty) 
Maybe do something fun (Mani, pedi with Patty)
Eat Lunch
Brave Seattle freeway
Drop kids off at Digital Double
Walk or read or walk and read, time in Word, BBC posts 
Brave Seattle rush hour freeway
Eat dinner
Visit with host

I came home and looked at all the things I "could" be doing at home, and I said to George, "I think I have too many goals."

So, I am trying desperately not to create new goals for myself and either abandoning or completing old ones. 

COMPLETED and Returned to the library:
Art of Reading lectures by the Teaching Company
The Producers movie
Precious Movie

Tennis registration
Golf registration
Jesus and the Qur'an registration
Fall term registration for Michael (he did it all, but I had it in my mental check list)

ABANDONED and Returned:
The American Nightingale (Book Babes reading)
How to Read a Book by Adler (second attempt)

Mein Kampf
History of England, Volume 5

War and Peace
2 Timothy - Revelation

So, there you have it. I don't even have scrap books on my summer agenda anymore. I don't know why. I will have the goal of completing Michael's for his high school graduation. That will be all. :)
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