Found My Classic List for this Year

Here are the books from The Well-Educated Mind list that I would like to read this year:


Greek Lyrics - Lattimore Translation
Histories - Herodutus
Medea - Euripedes
Birds & Clouds - Aristophanes
Peloponnesian War - Thucydides
Republic - Plato
Poetics - Aristotle
Odes - Horace
Lives - Plutarch

Want to Reread Because Now I Understand the Context After Reading Homer:

Agamemnon* - Aeschylus
Oedipus Rex* - Sophocles

I also want to read the Shakespeare plays I will be seeing with Laura and friends when we go down to Ashland to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for her 40th Birthday weekend July 18-20!

Feeling very nerdly for having this goals. :)
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