One month later, I return to my blog

Someone said that they check this regularly, and I haven't even updated it for a month.

I journal so much in cursive in my journal book that it seems redundant to journal here, but the pressure is one to keep up with the others that are now into Blogging. I started this such a long time ago. This is my second blog. My other one just wasn't there one day. This one has lasted longer.

Well, let's update:


We have just gotten into being very efficient. We get everything done in about three hours now. (Not including their time with read alouds at night) I love their focus and their determination. It is fun to homeschool them. I love that 7th grade math is all review if you decide not to skip to pre-algebra. :)

I also am looking forward to being through the entire span of history for the second time. To think that we did ALL history in one year when Michael was in second grade, and it has taken five years to get through it all this time! Of course, this time has been more detailed.

I am sure they will like to get back to ancient history or we may take a year and do church history. I don't know yet.

Science is a breeze since it is the human body and in my field of study from college. I just didn't enjoy Physics stuff last year. Too impersonal.

Well-Educated Mind

Sniff, sniff. With all my busyness of this Women Becoming class, my passions have collided. I miss reading and reflecting with Nikki. I must carve out the time regardless because it is one of the things that really does relax me! I am reading All Rivers Run to the Sea by Elie Weisel (I can't turn the italic off, oh well!)

Book Clubs

Sniff, sniff. We had our last time at Burton's Restaurant. This family-owned business shut down on Sunday. It was sentimental for me as we discussed the Da Vinci Code. By the way, I thought DVC was well-written; but, on principle, I gave it a zero. I don't like the way he portrays Catholics. I don't like the false things he proposes (even though he hides behind it and says it is fiction. I think he has lots of explaining to do to God.

Well-watered Soul

Well, time with Jesus is usually so very good. I have been journaling a ton, and I especially liked journaling prior to the conference. I prayed for each woman in there. I haven't had any Bible Study to do in the last couple of months because of a break in Women Becoming, and I am ready to dig into these doctrinal studies and study a BOOK too!

I am just very convinced that as God has stretched me this year, He has really taught me more of a "Brother Lawrence" like existence. This is part of my pray of 25 years ago, to have a minute-by-minute experience of His presence in the daily grind of life and ministry. I think "Be anxious for nothing" is more and more real in my life. Praise God.


Well, we had our Women Becoming Conference, and it was a HUGE success. I am very proud of the women in this group. Some did not contribute very much, but that is the nature of the job descriptions. Learned so much about leading. I have really grown in my capacity for people and handling their issues without letting myself getting "caught in the fray." Good things. I am also seeing the need to always ask for prayer when I need it.

Well, someone may be happy that I posted. I don't know if anyone will even read this, but I am done for the night.

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