Saturday Sixteen Freewrite

I am letting my finger tap along the keys, unhindered. I woke up at 4:17, but I fell asleep at 8:15. So that is plenty of sleep for me. I still feel a bit of time difference, but I don't mind getting up so early, and I should be good to go by Sunday. I have sort of taken a break from cardio this week, but I will be back to it by Sunday. I am teaching a class at 4 pm, but I will go and do elliptical beforehand.

It is a lovely quiet summer morning, and I love it. It is going to be an 81 degree day so I think that our family (or at least George and me) is going to go on a little hike. I also might bike to the Farmer's Market with George for our weekly date. I am just seeing light on the horizon this morning with rising at 5:30 am. I love summer.

Today, I hope to finish a book and prepare for my last Renovare Book Club discussion with Andrea and Betty. I like those two women. I am always longing for greater depth. I so wish I could do the Spiritual Exercises Companionship Program with Vicki this year. but I have to believe that your timing was just not "on" in that the ONLY weekend I could not attend out of the five was the first one because of the Nav Reunion. I am glad I made the decision to continue with my commitment with the Reunion because I will get to see Debbie and Patty for extended periods of time, and that will be really, really fun! 

The boys seem to be doing really well in their respective jobs, and we will be totally done with the whole dental journey on July 19th! I am rejoicing with so much joy over this. This has been a fifteen year journey when Michael was eleven and we found out he had 12 permanent teeth missing from his mouth. Many, many dollars and multiple surgeries later, we will have two nice sets of smiles. 

In addition to seeing Debbie and Patty and all the Navs, I will get to see Jean and LeAnne in July and have a TOAG reunion retreat. But I will also have my final two papers to write for Core II of the Renovare Institute. My praxis paper is already pretty written, but the academic one will be challenging. Fran, my spiritual director, encouraged me to just write a simple paper and put a limit on how much time I put into writing it. Last academic was so much time, and I hardly got any positive encouragement back. That was so discouraging! This started me thinking that the academic side of this Institute was what turned me off. I really thought it would be mostly practical tools for growth rather than so much academic. It really is 80% academic with all the time put into lecture at the Residencies. This is the part that was most disappointing, but to each his own. I think most of the people really love that, and I applaud them for it. I won't be getting a doctorate in Spiritual Formation any time soon, and I will be accepted in the academic spiritual formation realm,. but I am accepted into the God's realm! YAY! 

I have one minute left. I love these freewrites. Now it is off to an Examen prayer time for me (and later with George when he wakes up), finishing and prepping for my book club next Tuesday, and reading another unit and taking another quiz for my Women's Fitness Specialist Certification with NASM! 



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