Thursday Morning Freewrite

I realize that I am "frittering" away my time this morning. It started when I slept in until my alarm at 6 am. Seriously, it is a rare occasion when I sleep in until my 6 am alarm goes off. I usually get up about 4:45. I have long and luxurious times with God (the advantage of having the "sleepless elite" gene is that I only require six hours of sleep every night). I only slept three two nights ago. So, I am probably just "averaging out" to my usual (and healthy - Google the gene) 6 hours. I am better without distractions. I am better when it is dark and light comes into the world as I meditate on Scripture in the dark and the sun comes up in the late fall/early winter). But today, I slept until my alarm.

Then, I got up and Michael was getting ready to go to work (leaves at 7 am). I also didn't make my tea, but I got a Zoom call from Elizabeth. Oh yay, I remember last night and forgot this morning that we Zoom at 6:30 am every other Thursday. Good chat with this lovely lady that I have known since 2009 and love to pieces. 

All that said, I have had trouble focusing since then, and it is already 10:15. I am not even procrastinating. I did manage to make my tea. I did manage to catch up on my email and have my Online Retreat time - this week is meditating on Zechariah/Elizabeth, Mary/Joseph. Week 14 of the online retreat. OH MY. I also looked up getting an audio recording of the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola. Should I buy the 7.49 version from Christian audio or just use the Librivox free version? I emailed Carolyn about the praxis paper I will write after the academic one. I don't understand the directions (Hey, maybe I should just ask Debbie since Helen graded her papers too.) I have not been doing STUPID things. I just have not gotten even to my morning stretches and  walk and prayer. That is usually done long before 10 am. What I want to get to is the great day I had on Tuesday. It was phenomenal how "in sync" I was with what I needed to do. I knew Wednesday would not be that as I had a morning meeting with Jennifer and an afternoon of  Dial a Book Deliveries and an hour for the Christmas Prayer Vigil in the Upper Room. All divine, but I just couldn't get to doing my paper when I got back, and I think I did other really good things (I would have to look at my examen to see what I actually did.) I am just floundering and wanting to get back to Tuesday. I know that I won't be able to work on it on Friday because we have Christmas Cookie Decorating with the Ika and Rika and Heather's Iranian friends. It will be a nice lunch too. So, I am probably tied up until at least 1 pm or 2 pm. Then George and I have another prayer slot at the Upper Room Christmas Prayer Vigil from 6-7 and a party from 7-10 at the Vons. Then Saturday morning is my God Soaked Life discussion with Betty and Andrea which will be until 10 am, and I know that George and I usually go for a Saturday morning walk and do the examen together on Saturdays. 

Now that was a very long paragraph, but I am aloud to do that since it is MY FREEWRITE. LOL! 

Anywho, I think I will get to my 20 minutes of productivity according to Brendon Burchard:

20 minutes drink water and stretch
20 minutes of reading (I already did that with my online retreat prayer this morning)
20 minutes of planning for the day

Then do everything in 20 minute chunks
20 minutes of writing
20 minutes of exercise or cleaning or whatever I need to do to move around
20 minutes of writing
20 minutes and so on and so on. 

I wish I could find that talk he did that explains all of that. I don't find it online anywhere anymore! 

Anywho, now I am at 15 minutes for my Freewrite, and I am definitely not proofreading because I am DETERMINED to get on track and write this paper with LOVE which is what God told me to do on Tuesday. 

By the way, I am doing SO MUCH BETTER with the dynamics of online fellowship and relating with the RI. HALLELUJAH! 



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