Sunday Six Minute Freewrite

I am doing a short six minute freewrite today because I am going to start writing my last section of my academic paper for the Renovaré Institute. Last week, after I frittered away my time all day on Monday, I started with a freewrite on the next day, and it really opened up the writing side of my brain. I do so love to write, and I had to pray through the whole idea of writing an academic paper. It was interesting because I went in the shower and had God show me what my motive and intention should be in the writing. Should it be for a good grade? I knew that the answer was so NO on that one. I don't care about a grade, and I don't think I am doing this for eventual seminary credit. I love all the people in this program, but i see no difference in love between those with seminary backgrounds and those without. I see no difference in devotion to God between those with seminary backgrounds and those without it. So, will venture to say that seminary is a waste of time. My limited experience with the two classes I took through Western Seminary back in the late 80's would bear this out. I liked a straight bible course without all the theology involved. Even though my bible certificate had a dispensational bias, I was able to wade through it all, and my guiding professor for all of that was such a LOVING person, as opposed to my seminary professors which I found not so. 

Well there you go, it is done. God told me to write with LOVE, and that is what I did, and it has been so easy. Time-consuming, but easy to write with LOVE as the intention and goal.

There you go, and here I go with my 7 am goal of starting to write!


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