Saturday Seventeen Freewrite

I woke up really early this morning. I think I was afraid that I would not be able to pack before the 7:30 am deadline of getting out the door for a morning kayak up near Scappoose. Yes, ladies and gentleman, we WILL be having a little bit of family time before everyone leaves the nest! We had to postpone our trip to California until December due to getting this job with OSU. I had First Aid Training, PAC (Physical Activity Course) Orientation, and a social on Wednesday; a "Teaching Tips for Instructors" class on Thursday; and a new instructors meeting and CPR training on Friday. I was also able to get another key that opened up the stereo cabinet for my class. 

In addition to this, I finally got all the paperwork for becoming an independent contractor with SNAP Fitness and that involved buying liability insurance for being a Pilates instructor and Personal Trainer (coming in December).

In addition, George's car needs a brand new transmission so I had to go up to Hillsboro to get George and bring him back here to get another car. We stopped at Salem to have Paul deal with my weird shoulder and neck pain, but all the driving and sitting in the car made my hips get twisted so I had to go up to Salem AGAIN on Friday night to see Paul for what he called "really twisted and bad" hips. This has not happened since last November! I thought my twisted hips were a thing of the past. 

Sometimes I wonder if it is related to stress and the rising humidity. I did so well in Colorado with NO pain whatsoever (other than the recovering sprained ankle). It is a dry climate there, and it was a relatively stress-free time. Our house is 54% humidity right now, and I tend to do better when it is in the 20's. 

Anyway, it was a busy and somewhat stressful week as I had to do a five minute "fake lesson" for the new instructors class. The good part is that we split up in two's for it, and I got a sweet fifth year senior who tried to teach me to do a cartwheel, but with this weird twisted thing going on, I told her I probably could not do it.  I did a "Pilates awareness" exercise incorporating the principles of breath, concentration, control, and core. I also incorporated proper shoulder, neck, and pelvic placement.  It was fun! She said it was relaxing. Her feedback was to make sure she was doing it right by looking at her. :) It is hard to demonstrate while lying supine and looking over at a room full of students, but I will do my best!

I am sitting at my old kitchen computer desk. I am going to get a LOT of exercise today during the kayaking trip, and I am tired today after such a busy week. 

I think once all the classes start (three of them between OSU and SNAP), life will be much more relaxed, as I have all day Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday free to do other things. One thing I am going to do is register to start studying for my Personal Trainer exam. I am ready for this. I am excited for this. I am already registered with SNAP as a Pilates instructor so will not have to go through all the paperwork again. That is good. 

With all this, I am going to evaluate whether it is really feasible for me to open some kind of fitness business overseas while George is working, and I am an empty-nester (sniff, sniff - I love being a mom and have already mourned the loss of being a homeschooler!). Renee proposed the possibility of me leading an all-women's Pilates class with the internationals at INTO. I wonder if Drew would entertain that possibility? I know we reserve four spots in each class for INTO students, but would a woman from a more conservative country come to a class that has men in it? Maybe there can be some kind of cooperative agreement made with INTO to have an ALL INTO class? I would certainly know how to be sensitive to the language barrier. :) 

We will see! I am hoping for good things in the future, but I am certainly having my world ROCKED by not having as much time in the morning for myself. I love my morning times alone! I will have from 1 - 6 pm alone on the days I teach though. I will go ahead and do weights and cardio after my classes. 

There is my time. I will have some prayer time and then pack! 

Here is the flier for my class. I did not write it so excuse the incorrect grammar:

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