33. The Text of the Bible: Its Path Through History and to the People by David S. New

This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers

LibraryThing in its predictions said I would WOULD NOT LIKE this book. I wonder what criteria they use to determine this. I bid to become an Early Reviewer of this book because I really thought I WOULD LIKE it since I have taught the Bible for many years.

Alas, LibraryThing was correct. I did not really like it very much. It pains me to say it, and I am so sorry that it took me a YEAR to the day to get through it. I am usually better about my "Early" Reviews, but this book was so laborious to read that I had to force myself to read it in small chunks. Finishing it made me dance a jig.

It had bright moments, and I did learn things here and there, especially about Martin Luther, but it just did not grab me. I have heard talks given on how the Bible came to be that were exciting and encouraging and did grab me. 

Perhaps a rewrite is in order? It has potential!

Also, not one mention of the New American Standard Bible in the chapter on current translations into English. I have always understood this to be the best translation for scholars. I was surprised that it was omitted.  )
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