Fifteen Minute Freewrite

I am letting my fingers do the walking across the keyboard. I have not done a freewrite in ages and ages. It will be good for me. 

I have had this bag of halloween candy here since Sunday, and I have hardly eaten anything. Unlike other years where I bought the candy too soon and had to go back and get more! That is what losing 30 pounds will do to you! 

I have both my PowerPoints and all my handouts ready for Friday night and Saturday. Now, I just have to pray for God's will to be done in Newberg. I know that He will show up because learning about this is so important.

Today was an unexpected day. I had mercy on Paul having so many things due out at Albany in one day. So, I let him study here for forty five minutes extra and took him out to LBCC. Then I went back via Hwy 20 instead of 34 and stopped at the Albany Snap Fitness. They changed all their Fitness on Demand videos, and I cannot find the wonderful Pilates video I have been using since last December. BUMMER! It looks like they have replaced it with Daily Burn Pilates which was so lame! A bunch of macho people doing these impossible moves which were not really Pilates! They also do not have a good elliptical machine at that facility so I settled for a treadmill and did just 30 minutes.

Then while coming home, smoke started billowing out of my car so I was within a half mile from my car repair shop. Since they just repaired it last week, I figured something did not get tightened dow, and I was right. No cost. 

While I waited, I texted Teala, and she had the morning free. So, I went over there. We went straight to prayer because it was 10:02, and my phone pinged me to pray Luke 10:2 and asked her to join me. We prayed for lots of stuff. It is nice to start off your time with a friend in prayer.

Then, it was BURRITO day at the sorority! So, I had a yummy one on a whole wheat tortilla. Then, she had to Costco, and went and shopped at Fred Meyer. Ran into a person I used to go to church with, and she had left six months ago. What a sad church situation. I know few people who are happy there. Church should be home, and that is what I have at my church. YAY! Twenty eight years was too long to spend at a place that was not home!

Then,  I got craisins for my scones and stopped at Trader Joe's for some Mascarpone Cheese for my Devonshire Cream for the scones. It is FOUR DOLLARS cheaper there than Fred Meyer! Then, I went to T.J. Max to pick up a wall hanging that Teala had in her bathroom. LOVE IT!  

Then, I came here to HOME SWEET HOME. I might run through my Powerpoints one more time and then read my book that is due back at the library tomorrow.

I bet it is fifteen minutes of writing right about now. Let me check. Nope only ten minutes.

I do not have to do it fifteen. My back could use the break from sitting so I am saying GOOD-BYE!


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