State of The Well Freewrite

Well-Tuned Body

I decided to skip Pilates today. In fact, I might skip my strength training today too. I think I need a physical rest, and Shandra didn't work that into my workout schedule. I am not sure why. I didn't take it on one of my weekend days as I usually do, and I feel it this morning. Yesterday, I spent five hours in the sun exercising. Today is overcast and gloomy. So, I think I will just give my body an opportunity to actively recover from all the exercise I have been giving it. Here are some things I have been doing for the last 30 days: This only includes my cardio and not my strength training, Pilates, swimming, and elliptical that I do at the club. So, it is much more  than this.

I feel like my back is much stronger, and my hips, gluts, hams, and quads are better. I am hoping the stabilization exercises I am doing will make it better on the surf board in two weeks. I have been working hard to avoid injury. We will see.

Well-Watered Soul

I love soaking in the Gospels lately. Jesus talked so much about the Kingdom of God. I want to explore this more in-depth. I have been enjoying our listening to (two hour interruption there! I forgot I was freewriting!) the Holy Spirit exercises and Living in a God-bathed World reading. Frank Laubach is one of my heroes really. I loaned out my Letters from a Modern Mystic. I love that book. Now, someone has it and has not given it back, and I can't remember who it was that borrowed it! I'm sad. :(

Listening to God this morning helped me realize that unless those sweet girls come to Free Lunch, there is no reason for me to go. I had other things that I needed to do really. I have some burdens on my heart for people. I need to talk to Carol Calenberg about one of them. So, I am hoping to hear from her soon.

Well-Educated Mind

I am 228 pages away from finishing my goal. I have been on this journey since August 2003. It has been such a worthwhile expedition. I will never regret it. After this, I want to read the Invitation to the Classics ones that are not on that list. I think the ITC list is a better list for true "classics," but The Well-Educated Mind gave me such a great overview of political theory and the Black History. So, I am grateful for that!

Well-Adjusted Heart 

This is good. I realize doing this Theophostic has helped me to see that I have grown since I first took the course in July of 2001. It is nice to have others doing it, and it is also nice to not have the insecurity issues that I once struggled with. I still have my moments; like when Jehovah's Witnesses sit in your living room and tell you you're an idolator, deceived by Satan, don't know the Bible, and think it is ridiculous that I would believe that Jesus is God.  Oh well.

Well, Elizabeth just called and told me one of the cute girls is there, and I am off to Free Lunch after all. :))
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