Do Supermans

The Lord heals in many ways. He has healed my back in an amazing way this past month by a comment made by my brother-in-law after doing muscle release on my back for 1 1/2 hours. I asked him why my back keeps going out after all these months of me working out and getting stronger.

Two words of healing . . . 

"Do Supermans"

He got down on the floor and showed one. Oh, I thought,

"Oh that is a Pilates move."

DUH! I had started Pilates shortly after my injury, but it was too much for me. But I needed to go back because it was the next step in my healing. I had been strengthening all the muscles in the front of my body by my active lifestyle (biking, running, hiking, etc), but the back of my body was not being strengthened. My mishap after swimming for 1000 yards about six weeks ago made me realize that I had gotten very week there. So, it was time to go back to Pilates.

I have gone through 10 sessions, and I am sitting here typing pain free. Now the only nudges in my back are from a hard pavement run. The kinks come out though after an hour of Pilates.

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