In 24 hours, I will be half way through my swim in Dixon Pool. I am a bit nervous about this whole thing. I love the idea of a triathlon, but the whole thing really scares me. It is so much more complicated than just a 5K run!  

In a little over 48 hours, I will be giving my talk. I was able to run through it a couple of times yesterday, and it still need some fine-tuning. I am saying too much right now. Need more personal experience flavored in there and a little less Bible teaching (I can't resist you know).  I feel like it will definitely be together by the time I stand up there. But what should I wear? :)

Well-Tuned Body - I lost five pounds in the whole "triathlon training" process. Lots of muscle gain and more fat loss than probably shows on the scale. YEAH! Next week, during my recovery (and sitting on my duff doing taxes!) I will do a high-protein, low-carb option to switch things up a bit. 

Well-Watered Soul - I have loved getting ready for this talk. I has been so good to read old journals and see how much God has taught me through the waiting process. This was well-worth the time I have invested in it. It has been time-consuming and difficult to find chunks of time to work on this talk, but the deeper time in the word, digging again on the subject of waiting has refreshed my soul. SO, thank you Vickie Z. for asking me! I pray God uses it in the lives of the 80 women who will be attending. 

Well-Educated Mind - I have been able to listen to The Blindside as I have done the moist-heat pad on my massage table. That has been great. I hope to return to The Protestant Work Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism when I am done with taxes!

Well-adjusted Heart - Much prayer about the potential conflict that I am witnessing among a few friends (I am not a part of the conflict but have been coaching in it) had unsettled me, but I am much better after prayer from Shar Giesert, Vickie Z.,  and Joyce At. Confessing my fear that things would blow up here. I am also really looking forward to having the Listening Prayer Workshop with the Winships after Jesus in the Qur'an!  I pray all the people in conflict would come. I think we could all benefit from doing the Peacemaker Study after this is all over. 

Elizabeth is coming in 40 minutes. So, I want to run through my talk one more time before she comes. Then one more time after. Then, I go to get a bathing cap, race belt, chip holder, and my packet for the race. Then, I go to the chiropractor for a one hour adjustment session. Finally, I have from 4 pm - bedtime to work on my talk. I think that will be plenty for me. :)

I have butterflies, but I am loving my life right now. Praying for safety and blessing for my friends doing the triathlon who are all running for Jesus!  Praying for blessing on the 80 women going to Wi-Ne-Ma too!

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