"I" TIme

The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind. My problem is always that it is a fun whirlwind for me. I love all the things I am doing and all the wonderful people involved in my life. I think that I am needing some time to myself, and I am not getting very much of it. I'm not sure how to rectify that at this point. Having our house painted and cleaned on the same day in addition to having one of the painters eat dinner and breakfast with us everyday is a bit much for me, but I shall endure. Pieter said we should just pack our bags for two weeks and leave and let the painters paint the house whatever they want. He said (in his thick Ukrainian accent), "You go away, and you come back to a purple house. No worries." LOL! I like the fact that he makes me laugh. I think he enjoys us too, and Valentina and Pieter make my back say "thank you" as they clean floors and do things that are difficult for me to do.

I have loved the spontaneous processing that has gone on over the last two weeks with Michelle too. Has it really only been two weeks that she has been here? Maybe it was three weeks ago she came bounding in our life. Yes, it was three weeks ago! That was right after we had gone up to Portland to pick up the P-Stan team too. Wow! Life has hit us in a whirlwind, but life in the whirlwind is exciting and fun and lovely and loving. We get much more  than we give out. That is for sure.

I LOVE MY LIFE!  It is a full life, but it is FULLfilling to the brim!
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