Drinking PEG 3350

And it isn't so bad! I was able to put two packets of Crystal Light lemonade in it. That has really helped. It is important to do this procedure, and I didn't get around to in my 50th year. So, I am one year and six weeks behind the curve!

In other news, I am back in the swing of life after such a nice vacation. I am very grateful for the time away, and I am now ready to go for it. My schedule will be much less hectic as I am not facilitating Thelma's class this year. It was just too much work for me for just one child, and Paul didn't really care if he did it or not. Michael finished his course of Classical, American, and British Literature. I would like Paul to take Classical Literature though. I would still like to get the lectures and edit them ahead of time for Paul for next year.

As an alternative, Paul will be doing Anatomy and Physiology with Nathan. That will be really slow and easy and not a big strain on me.

We are also not doing the two nights a week of meeting for the TOAG. So, that will also free up our schedule too. I really missed our nights together as a family around the dinner table, and the TOAG took away two of those nights. With the two church meetings that George has per month. It made for many less family dinners and almost no date nights. I am looking forward to reinstalling both into our schedule. :)  I will still have the study with the Iranians, but I think that is going to be at 6:30. So, I will still have dinner with my family.

Well, back to drinking and also to studying before I am not able to be sitting here and typing anymore. :)
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