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What Have You Done?

From who got it from other people.

01. Start your own blog — Yes
02. Sleep under the stars — Yes
03. Play in a band — Yes, sang with one, but that is my instrument
04. Visit Hawaii — No
05. Watch a meteor shower — Yes
06. Give more than you can afford to charity — Yes
07. Go to Disneyworld — No
08. Climb a mountain — Yes! Canadian Coastal range in the fog, no view, but life is the journey not the desination!
09. Hold a praying mantis — Yes
10. Sing a solo — Friends think I can sing in their weddings
11. Bungee jump — Nevah!
12. Visit Paris — No
13. Watch a lightning storm at sea — YES, from the coast and airplane
14. Teach yourself an art technique — Yes
15. Adopt a child — No
16. Eat sushi — YES, with Ginny and Lorraine
17. Walk to the top of the Statue of Liberty — No
18. Grow your own vegetables — Yes (mostly George, but we are one)
19. See the Mona Lisa in France — No
20. Sleep on an overnight train — More times than I care to remember. Europe!
21. Have a pillow fight — Yes
22. Hitch hike — Nevah!
23. Look at the rings of Saturn through a telescope — Yes
24. Build a snow fort — Nope
25. Hold a lamb — Nope (do stuffed ones count?)
26. Climb to the top of a lighthouse — Yes (Newport, Oregon)
27. Run a Marathon — Want to walk one
28. Ride in a gondola in Venice — No
29. See a total eclipse — Yes
30. Watch a sunrise or sunset — Yes
31. Hit a home run — YES!
32. Go on a cruise — I am going on May 18th for the first time!
33. See Niagara Falls in person — No
34. Visit the birthplace of your ancestors — Just Sweden. Penn some day
35. Visit an Amish community — No
36. Teach yourself a new language — Yes (Malay)
37. Have enough money to be truly satisfied — Yes
38. See the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person –No
39. Go rock climbing — Just on a wall
40. See Michelangelo’s David — Oh, some day I dream
41. Sing karaoke in public — Sang "Silent Night" and Carpenter's "Close to You" with Nancy Casady. It was piped through the whole shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur! LOL!
42. See Old Faithful geyser erupt in person — No
43. Buy a stranger a meal at a restaurant — Just Starbuck's
44. Visit Africa — No
45. Walk on a beach by moonlight — Yes, Malaysia was the best!
46. Ride in a helicopter — No
47. Have your portrait painted — No
48. Go deep sea fishing — No
49. See the Sistine Chapel in person — Someday
50. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris — Not yet
51. Go scuba diving or snorkeling — Yes, snorkeling
52. Kiss in the rain — Yes
53. Play in the mud — Yes
54. Watch a movie at a drive-in theater — Yes
55. Be in a movie — No, but I was no Channel 7 New in LA once
56. Visit the Great Wall of China — No
57. Start a business — Yes
58. Take a martial arts class — No
59. Visit Russia — No
60. Serve meals at a soup kitchen — At a kids dinner outreach
61. Sell Girl Scout cookies — Ye
s62. Go whale watching — Only from the shore
63. Get or send flowers for no reason — Yes
64. Donate blood, platelets or plasma — Yes
65. Go sky diving — Nevah!
66. Visit a Nazi Concentration Camp — No
67. Adopt a pet from a rescue shelter — No
68. Pilot an airplane — Nevah!
69. Save a favorite childhood toy — Yes
70. Visit the Lincoln Memorial — No
71. Eat Caviar — I think but have blocked it
72. Make a quilt — YES!
73. Stand in Times Square — No
74. Tour the Everglades — No
75. Visit the Viet Nam Memorial — No
76. See the Changing of the Guard in London — No
77. Drive a race car — No
78. Ride on a speeding motorcycle — Yes
79. See the Grand Canyon in person — Yes
80. Publish a book — No
81. Visit the Vatican — No
82. Buy a brand new car — No
83. Walk in Jerusalem — No
84. Have your picture in the newspaper — Yes
85. Read the entire Bible — Yes
86. Visit the White House — No but love the C-SPAN documentary!
87. Kill and prepare an animal for eating — Yes
88. Hike the Appalachian Trail — No
89. Save someone’s life — No
90. Sit on a jury — No
91. Meet someone famous — Michael W. Smith, James Taylor, Elizabeth Eliot, Jo Shetler, Ronald Reagan walked by me
92. Join a book club –Oh, my guilty pleasure - three of them!
93. Own an iPod — Yes
94. Have a Facebook page — Yes
95. See the Alamo in person — No
96. Swim in the Great Salt Lake — No
97. Cross country snow ski — Yes
98. Hold a snake — Yes
99. See DaVinci’s Starry Night in person — No
100. Read an entire book in one day — Yes (many times)
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