It has been a while

I have started a few posts, but I never got back to them.

I looked for the words to the song Welcome to Love the other day, and I coudn't find them. I found the song on Rhapsody here:

Welcome to Love (the song is listed in the list of songs on the right of the page)

This song was given to me over and over again by the LORD when I was going through the horrific experience two years ago. I kept praying it over and over again for another person, but now I know that God had it for me to hear. He has welcomed me into a loving and kind place that shows His love like I have never experienced before. Before, I felt all the paranoia that this song talks about. I don't feel that in my new situation. The difference is as different as day and night.

Thank you for welcoming me to love, Lord. I am in such a good place.

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