The State of the Well Address

Are we having the State of the Union tonight? Isn't it usually around the 20th of January. Maybe I am wrong, but I thought it was.

Well, I want to just say how everything is going.

Well-Watered Soul

I am in a great position. I feel like the 3yearbiblebookclub is really helping me to stay in the word and dig and apply and pray through everything. There is something about meditating, mulling over it all day, then writing about it that really has been so refreshing for me. I feel more like there is a moment by moment depending on the LORD in prayer too. So, I think I like it. I want to GROW no matter where I am in this journey.

Well-Educated Mind

Well, I am almost done with all the Book Babes reads. I decided to read The Glass Castle after all, and I this really is the last. My intention is to do the rest of the Ancient Literature. My rhetoric partner sort of disappeared. I am not so sure it was a suitable match since he is a man. I think I prefer a woman. Nice guy though. I think a woman would be wiser and better though.

I am also going to read a Tale of Two Cities soon, but that is definitely in my Well-Educated Mind goals. I love the classics, but I will say that the Book Babes reads were MUCH better this year than last year. I am pleased.

Well-Tuned Body

I am doing GREAT! I am working out consistently and eating healthy. I am pleased. I feel good other than a bit of a back ache with the Jillian Michaels DVD's. I think they are too high impact for my back issues. So, I will bag them and go to low-impact. I am resting this week because of that though. I think that is good after quite a few weeks of hard workouts.

Well- Educated Children

Hallelujah! Dropping Biology was a great idea. They are humming along in everything. They are also writing on their own, especially Michael. He had to write an imaginary diary of Charles II, and it only had to be 200 words. He ended up writing 400 very imaginative words! YEAH! Paul is always so diligent to get everything done too. I love those boys.

Daily Care

Been good about cooking those dinners using new menus! I love the recipes I am cooking up using the website. Nutritious and Delicious and Low-Cal! I love it! I am eating so many veggies now! YUMMY YUMMY! I am so really glad that George convinced me that Valentina would be a great choice. She comes twice a month and cleans, and I love the relationship that is forming and the house that is much cleaner!

Well, that is the quickest run down that I have had in years!
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