The Well Update

Looking at my areas of growth, here is an update:

Well-watered Soul

It is well with my soul. I feel like I am a deeper season of prayer lately. I love that I pray with all the groups of people that I am involved with. I completed all the Bible studies that I am leading over the summer. So, I am having more time to go back over them in a prayerful, mediative way as I lead them this year.Relationships are good. I felt bad saying "no" to another relationship. I feel compassion for this woman, but "she who has too many friends comes to ruin." (Proverbs 18:4) I will never take for granted that I am blessed with many friends, but while I have room in my heart to love one more, I don't have room in my schedule. :(

The Well-Educated Mind

I feel like I have grown another one of my arms back! I took such a break from this. I read so many UNSATISFYING books last year, including some Christian self-help books and novels; but I am back on track in reading classics! I will probably finish reading The Iliad tonight and start The Odyssey tomorrow. Oh joy of joys! The "Book Dames" has become a highlight of my every other month activities. I love the smaller group and deeper setting. I "click" more with these women.

On a FANTASTIC note, well-educating my children has taken a delightful turn as Michael FINISHED the last activity and took the test for Module 2 of that dreaded Biology 1.1. He will go on to the Bob Jones textbook approach, and we couldn't be more pleased. He is coming out with a 97% (?) average in the class. Well-done Michael!

Wellness in Heart

It is well with my soul. I still stand amazed that the sting of 28 years in a very dysfuntional church has lifted from me since my 3 1/2 days of prayer in July. It is a true miracle.

I am also just in a place of real peace. I am praying daily that God leads me to the cross in humility and praise. This is where true peace really lies - at His nailed feet.

Wellness in Body

Thanks you Cheryl, Katrina, and Rachel for saving me and holding me accountable. I could not believe how my whole system mentally, emotionally, and physically shut down when I had to stop exercising when I sprained my ankle seven weeks ago. I am a FIRM believer that women in menopause NEED TO EXERCISE! I am almost back to full workouts now, and the hot flashes and night sweats and general CRUDY (is this how you spell it?) have gone away.

So, I am accountable again to these three ladies for my diet, exercise, communion, daily care of my family, and self-education. It is amazing how I curb my eating when I am at a buffet knowing that I am going to have to go home and email these people to tell them that I have overeaten. Oh, the blessings of accountability are wonderful.

So, there you have my short update. :)
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