Freewrite on a Wednesday

I have had some email exchanges with the new regional representative area director for our agency today, and I am so impressed with his humility and gentleness. We got dropped from the email loops that have been going around. We didn't know that until I just happened to come across his most recent prayer letter and prayed for he and his family. I dropped him an email to say that I have prayed for them today. This started a series of letters about our involvement. Somehow, he had gotten in his mind that we weren't interested in being involved anymore. He had no idea how much we have done over the last year, and then he felt really bad for maybe communicating that he didn't value what we were doing. , It is true that our involvement is very limited because of our schedules. Anyway, George's comment was, "This is what I love about that people in our mission agency, they are so very humble." I think this is so true. I really like them for this reason.

I realize that George is not the greatest at keeping on top of things though, and the emails do come to the inbox that I dominate most of the time, but from what I can see, George has been responding to him when it requires a response. So, he hasn't dropped the ball that I can see.

Maybe this is a nudge to step back from our involvement though. I would love for it to just be limited to the Corvallis area. Maybe this is just too limited, but we can't be going up and down the I-5 corridor like they all do. They are full-time with the agency, and we are just part-time.

I am still dizzy, and I did a dumb thing and took some motion sickness medicine for the dizziness, and it has made me so very sleepy. Silly me.

The kids have been stellar in their work for school. Michael is really taking to heart my admonition to take more responsibility in setting some goals for gettting things done in school. Yesterday, he went to the downstairs computer and composed a great free response about the eight Greek words. He did it in Word Perfect and then he transferred to the webpage. I just had to look it over. Today, he read a whole article about cells for his biology class and wrote a 250 word summary of it without any of my help. YEAH! He also read all the study guide questions for the next book of the Iliad and underlined those parts so he could make sure that he was attentive to them while he was reading it. I have a transformed boy on my hands. I like that!

Paul did really well in his writing for history too. He required a little bit more help since he is still not up on typing, but he is doing really well in his writing the answers out. His spelling is even improving. (Something that I thought would never happen!).

All in all, it has been a very good day, but I feel LOUSY because of this drug in my system. I took it 24 hours ago, and I am STILL groggy! What is it about me and drugs in my system. I can't shake them out once they are there!

Oh well. This freewrite is ending NOW!
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