Summer Progress for Reading and Cleaning

Here is my original reading list with updates:



The books that I have finished:

1776 by McCullough (I like to read a patriotic book around the 4th of July!)
Crunchy Cons by Ron Dreher (Lamp-post discussion end of June)
Passage to India by Forster (Book Dames discussion July 14 and Lamp-post July 27)
Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnards (Just because I love this!)
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See (Book Babes for July)(LOVED)

The book I decided to send back:

How to Read Slowly: A Christian Guide to Reading with the Mind by James W. Sire (boring)

Still to readfrom list:

The Cloister Walk by Norris (Prep for possible workshop at Jubilee on Private Retreat)IN PROCESS
Hound of the Baskervilles by Doyle (Book Dames for September)
Escape from Slavery by Francis Bok (Book Babes that I didn't read in April)

Books not on list that I read this summer from other people's recommendations:

Big Box Swindle - Excellent expose of the Big Box retailers in America. Valuable
The Paradox of Choice - Don't see what some of my Lamp-post friends found so profound about it. Just common sense IMHO
The Secret - Another one where I don't see why this is so popular and has landed the author into the riches celebrities list. It will help me in dialogue with others about it and its popularity.
Eat this Book: A Conversation in the Art of Spiritual Reading - This is delicious!

Books Ginny and Lorraine gave me that I am not sure I will read:

Mozart's Sister by Nancy Moser
The Fisherman's Lady by George MacDonald (Ron R. tried to get me to read this about twenty years ago. Should I try again?)


I got through all my closets. I had forgotten about the Linen closet, and I finished it. I have done all the bathroom cupboards and drawers.

Basically, I only have one drawer in my office: The Memory Drawer!

Next week, I will start all the kitchen drawers, cupboards and pantry. :)
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