I am reading Peter Elbow's book, Writing without Teachers. So, I will write until 12:10 and punch the button because this is a freewrite.

I have been lazy this morning. We were going to go up to Iron Mountain and Cone Peak early this morning, but we have been very socially engaged for the last few days and needed a down morning. George has from Wednesday to Monday off of work because HP wanted them to take time off to save money.

We will go to Cone Peak/Iron Mountain later on today so we can get the flowers in the low light of late afternoon/early evening.

Since we didn't get up, I slept in until 7 a.m. and finished my book Big Box Swindle while George got out of the house and shopping this morning by 8 a.m. YIPPEE! No shopping for me this week is a very good thing. :)

I really enjoyed Big Box Swindle, and the way I am going to apply it is try to shop at the First Alternative Food Coop here in town and Richey's Market which is locally owned. I will also try to buy more fresh produce at the Wednesday and Saturday Farmer's Markets. I am really convinced that buying locally and supporting local businesses is the way to support our community in a much more fruitful way.

George is inviting the W's out for lunch, but it sounds like they are on their way out of town. Hmmm.... who can go with us out to lunch? I feel like just having a totally goofing off sort of day.

Actually, I didn't TOTALLY goof off in that I gave Michael a Personality Style Inventory test, and he is an INFP. He is almost identical to George, but he is an introvert. It was very helpful to him and us. We are trying to encourage him to be more outgoing in new social situations, but it is hard sometimes with the social groups that tend to form and close out others at our old church. The adults do it, and I have heard the kids in the youth group also do it and have done it for years. Sad but true. So, my dear oldest son is a matter of much prayer for us these days. He is such a nice and great boys, but he doesn't have a "jock" image to project him into society. I keep encouraging him to maybe do something in the acting realm, but his introversion really plays into that. I keep telling him that many introverts do act, but I will just keep praying and hoping he will step out of his comfort zone in more areas. :)

Well, the W's can't go. So, I will pray someone calls us today! LOL! Maybe I will go and do that right now.

It is now 12:10. Punching the button with no proofreading.
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