We have one more week of history!

This school year is winding down for us. We went down to CA, and I took advantage of our trip through the Sacramento Valley to teach about the CA Gold Rush. So, I skipped ahead to the 1850's. Now, I am backtracking, and we just learned about the "Ladies of Lowell" in American Adventure. These were the ladies who left their farms for a couple of years to work in the textile mills of Mass. in order to save money for a dawry. (sp?) We will learn about the Spanish-American War and The Alamo and Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. I might do a bit of Civil War studies before the 4th of July or wait to go to the reenactments next year after we have studied it. Who knows.

Michael only has two more days of Grammar. Paul has fifteen days of Math, but Michael has a bit more. So, we will probably do twice as much on the remaining days of school. It should be fine. He has really turned a corner in Math lately. Helps so much that I switched it to the beginning of seat work!

Michael will also be starting a cyberschool where he will create a software game. We just got it in the mail, but I have to wait for George to do it.

In my education, I am reading a book on Leadership Emergence Theory and The Invisible Man.

Off to bed to rest my cold and read!
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