Well, it has been so long since I posted! I got so discouraged with the last one that I just gave up posting.

We ended 2004 well. The kids figured out they could have longer in Christmas vacation if they just went for the Math! They did, and we were done by December 13th!

Since then, I have been having fun with reading WEM novels. I finished Portrait of a Lady and Huckleberry Finn. This is SOOO fun and rewarding. I am loving this, and Nikki is such a great partner to have. Most people have a hard time when I get goal-oriented and feel all flustered and overwhelmed. Nikki is just as determined and goal-oriented as I am, and I really like that about her. We are very similar in personality type, but I am more extroverted.

Well, I better go. I am going to see Spanglish in fifteen minutes with Teala. My kids are at the Gilardi's playing and swimming this afternoon, and I am going to go play with my girlfriend!


I love my life. Love my life. Love my life!

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