This was a very good year for me. Everything was great in "real life." Online, I tried but failed to negotiate some peacemaking between people, but rumor has it that they "patched it up" later on. It left me pretty devastated beause I feel like I lost two friends in trying to help out. I also got spoken to harshly by a couple of people on line (one person more than once), and I am thinking about not being a moderator anymore. I had never had any problems until I became a moderator. So, this is what I am hoping for in the future. I don't now how Tia will respond to that, but this is what I want. I am much better at "coming alongside" another person rather than being a "moderator." So, this is what I am thinking right now. I do think it is one person in particular who continually is at the center of the conflict. It just happened to be that I was the target a couple of times this year, and now I know how the other people feel in their position. It is not fun, and I know my only role is to pray about it now because I want my concentration to be in real life. She is out of my "sphere of influence."

The Christmas holidays were absolutely perfect, and I didn't let that one person online ruin my Christmas, and she didn't. I didn't have the holiday blues, and I had lovely times with my real life friends going to movies, eating out, watching football, scrapbooking, and talking on the phone. I loved this 2004 Christmas so much.
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