18. Telling The Gospel Through Story by Christine Dillon

I am a big proponent of teaching the Bible from Creation to Christ. This is a very good book for someone who has never done storytelling and needs a basic book to get started. For the most part, I did not learn anything new except storyboarding the stories to help in the process of remembering. While I have not storyboarded, I have written pictures in my mind that have helped me tell them, especially the seven days of Creation story!
I am part of a MUG (Meet Up Group) that tells stories to each other every Monday, and it has been fun for me to have a basic set of Bible stories. It so encourages me to tell these stories and see God's wonderful plan with the Scarlet Thread of Redemption running through the whole thing. 
I have loved revisiting the story of Creation, the Fall, the Flood, Abraham, and Moses so far! So, if you are local, ask me to tell you one!
She recommends a basic set of 14 stories. I am expanding it to include the story of David (establishing the kingly line in the Scarlet Thread) and Jonah (This being the connector story to the New Testament and what what Jesus said about the "sign of Jonah" in Matthew 12). I also love to include more Jesus Stories from the Discovering God Discovery Bible Study that I lead on a regular basis.
She quotes J.O. Terry quite a bit, and he came to where we lived in Asia in 1997 or 98 and led us through a book called Jesus and Women that I am also using to help me tell stories. I like how Christine has less stories. I think J.O. has ninety in his book, and that was a bit overwhelming! 
Part of what you might have seen on this blog are my stories. She recommends not writing them out, but I do a preliminary step of a "Obedience-Based Study" on my own, and I have been typing them out here. The actual story I tell is not "word for word" like what I have written here though. Someday, I will video me telling the stories, just for fun. In the meantime, I have a goal of telling each story at least five times between now and Christmas! :) ("Achiever" is one of my Strengthsfinder strengths. What can I say?) 
Here are my Creation to Christ and Jesus Stories so far. I have more, but most are written out in my journals, and they are not typed up on here.
This has been a great spark for my growth in the Lord and more deeply appreciating His marvelous plan. I have a whole blog devoted to this called the BIBLE BOOK CLUB. I am on my third group of people who have read through the entire Bible in three years. The "Basic Set" of Creation to Christ stories are an overview of what I do more in-depth in this blog. LOVE ME SOME WORD OF GOD any way I can get it! 
Christine has many videos on Vimeo too that are also helpful to watch. This last week, I practiced the story of Sinai, and it went really well! :) I modified Christine's story a bit (she does from the Wilderness Wanderings to the END of the Old Testament in 6 minutes where I will add David and Jonah stories), but it was helpful to watch hers for pointers. 
This would be great to do with olders kids as part of the Bible part of homeschool too. 

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