It is Well With My Soul

I have had a phenomenally good week. I have been sick, but it has been a moderate sickness. So, I have been able to pull in socially and ministry-wise which was good since I had been having too much time with people lately. Two weekends in a row of conference was too much. Praise God we didn't go to the conference from Wednesday - Saturday that we had originally thought we would go to up in Seattle! That is the wisdom and foresight of my sweet, George. He takes such good care of us.

So, I sit here in the sunshine of another beautiful day in Oregon. I am soaking in the rays of Friday. I will go for another walk at the warmest part of the day since I am better. Yesterday was really good for me to get outside.

I have prayed and prioritized in prayer those things that are most important. I am praying "bigger" prayers lately, but I want to do it corporately. I am praying for some partners in "regions beyond" rather than the prayer for Aunt Lilly's big toe surgery. I don't want to downplay the importance of that kind of prayer, but I don't want that to be the only type, and I want focused time with others where that is the only intention.

I am loving Bible Book Club this time around. I am proofreading and editing the previously posts and writing new ones when others wrote to give me a break. It is not as much time, but it is so rewarding to reread all that I learned over that three year adventure. I will never regret the commitment, and I am thankful that others (especially Becky and Katrina) could help me out during the first round. Writing everyday would have really killed me!

I haven't been exercising as much as I would like but that will change when I get back to 100% wellness. I have been eating more than I would like, but I am finishing up my 1/3 fast for 2011 by four more days at the end of January.

Oh this sunshine is beautiful.

I am also plugging along on TWEM. I finished A Distant Mirror and am through the first volume of The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. I really liked the chapter on early Christianity. It is very much like what Gary Ferngren taught on at Beth's Bible Study a few years ago.

George and I are "dating" by watching Lost together. I love that ClearPlay takes out the racy parts for us because it is a great Sci Fi story that would have been spoiled by the raciness!  YEAH CLEARPLAY!

Michael is growing by leaps and bounds. He is "increasing in wisdom and stature with both God and men" (Luke 2:52). I see him worshiping and digging in Scripture and hanging out with godly people. I am also encouraged by Paul as he asks the tough questions about grace and Jesus' blood. I don't think this is scary at all. He wants to know why. He is a great kids. Still waiting to blossom, but he has some more time in our nest to do that.

I love the ladies I am meeting with too: Jen, Jane, and Elizabeth. I meet with others infrequently. I want to meet with Samira more regularly, and I need to pray abut that today. I also need to see about another Prophets study as N is not able to meet anymore.

Well, I need to get to more prayer to "regions beyond"!
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