"Twelve TWEMS A Drumming"

Drum roll please!

My goal is to be done by October 2011. Here are the remaining twelve:


1973 Gulag Archipelago Solzhenitsyn (Dec/Jan)
EARLY MODERN (1600 – 1850)
1776 Decline & Fall Roman Empire Gibbon (Jan)
1835 Democracy in America Tocqueville (Feb)
MODERN (1850 – present)
1860 Civilization of Renaissance Burckhardt (Feb)
1904 Protestant Work Ethic & Spirit of Capitalism Weber (Mar)
1937 The Road to Wigan Pier Orwell (Mar)
1938 The New England Mind Miller (April/May)
1974 Roll, Jordan, Roll Genovese (June)
1978 Distant Mirror Tuchman (July)
1987 All the President's Men Woodward & Bernstein (July)
1990 A Midwife's Tale Ballard (Aug)
1992 The End of History & the Last Man Fukuyama (Sept)
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