Calm After the Storm

Weather last Saturday was
Gorgeous and sunny
While a storm raged inside

Step by step I walked
And poured out the storm
Into the ears of him who loves me

The ache of my toe
And ache of my heart
Were one in unison

He spoke truth after I poured
But he knows me so well
I don't believe him 

He has seen the grieving stare
He knows to just stand by
Until I hear the Voice on high

It's not that I don't like 
That he speaks truth
And listens with heart

I feel he can't judge
Because he loves me

He doesn't want me
To hurt when
He knows I try so hard

So he waits
And prays
And loves

Hours later
Right before light
On a Sunday morning . . .

I heard

The Voice was clear
The Voice was sure
And silenced the enemies lies

Now the storm is outside
But my heart is calm
With sunshine inside
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