Wednesday Ramblings

It has been two weeks since I have posted anything. Since that time, we have had lovely visits from Shane to speak at the Perspectives course and Julie to go with me to the beach. We went to Bayshore Bella Vista and enjoyed good food and deep talks about life. Middle age is so grand.

When we came back to Corvallis, we went to the Darkside for Doubt. Did he do it or didn't he? That is the question. Julie thinks he did. I think he didn't. Mainly because I am a Jane and she is a Lizzy!! LOL!

I came back tired though and have been sick since I came back. I am reading Walden and listening to Uncle Tom's Cabin with my kids on a free LibriVox recording. It is the same guy reading it, and he is GOOD. I can't believe he would be an amateur! It is all free.
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